Bundl Acacia Swaddle Blanket

Bundl Acacia Swaddle Blanket

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We’ve taken our super-soft certified organic Cotton and blended it with 70% Bamboo for a creamy, luxurious texture and superior durability. Bamboo is an ideal choice for baby’s sensitive skin; breathable, naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, perfect protection for little (and big) dribbles.

Not only do we love Bamboo for its hypoallergenic features, but also because it is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet, providing a remarkably eco-friendly material for our beautiful swaddles. No toxic chemicals are used during the growing process, and it is 100% biodegradable.

The Acacia Swaddles measure a generous 120cm x 120cm; they feature a subtle self-stitch square pattern and are available in three delicate pastel colourways – blush, lemon and river. Use in the traditional way to provide a comforting swaddled environment for baby, as a lightweight blanket, comforter, pram cover, or whilst nursing. Truly multi-purpose, convenient, durable, and so pretty. Buy individually, or ‘Bundl and save’ with all three.

Acacia Swaddles are machine washable. We suggest you line dry to maintain their super-soft finish, plus they’ll look gorgeous on your line!