MHH Evo Xl Adjustable Learning Tower White

MHH Evo Xl Adjustable Learning Tower White

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Our Twin Learning Towers are Double the Fun!

Our adjustable Double Learning Tower is the perfect toddler and children’s learning tool. Kids love helping in the kitchen and they want to be up on your level. Keep them safe and secure at the kitchen bench with this purpose built twin learning tower, whether you’re baking, doing crafts, or just making a mess! 

Our Evo Duo is available in a range of colours that have been chosen for their ability to effortlessly complement some of Australia’s most popular interior colour schemes. The unvarnished double learning tower is designed for DIY painting or varnishing so you can create a unique twin learning tower of your very own. 

Keep your little ones on your level as they learn and play in a Double Learning Tower

The My Happy Helpers Double Learning Tower Range grows with your child. The top platform can be raised or lowered depending on the height of the child, so as they grow they can stay alongside you. 

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