MHH Pikler Bambino
MHH Pikler Bambino
MHH Pikler Bambino

MHH Pikler Bambino

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My Happy Helpers Bambino Pikler Triangle is specifically designed for your littlest babes. With slimmer rungs, a lower height and a flatter base, your baby will be able to safely grasp the rungs as they learn to pull themselves up and ‘cruise’ around.

My Happy Helpers Varnished Pikler Triangles are so easy to clean. No sanding back dirty birch wood, simply wipe clean as needed. The clear non toxic varnish is safe even for the littlest babes ( tested by SGS Global Laboratories) and brings out the most beautiful natural grain in the timber.

The use of a Pikler Triangle from a young age supports gross motor development by providing challenges for spatial awareness. Piklers empower our babes to do as much as they can for themselves, while being supported and guided by those that love them.

Encourage your little one to grow and explore with the Bambino Baby Pikler Triangle

The Bambino Pikler Triangle is designed especially for little adventurers from 0 to 30 months. Watch your little one gain confidence as they pull themselves up, scramble and explore with their baby climbing frame.

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